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Jun 4, 2019

On this week’s very special early release off Coffee Convos Podcast, Kail and Lindsie invite cast members, Jade, Tyler and Catelynn, to discuss all things happening on MTV’s Teen Mom. They're sharing all the details and inside scoop on what you can expect to see in future episodes of the show. Jade shares an emotional story about her parents, and the dysfunction that surrounds their volatile relationship, how drugs and alcohol have prevented her from having a normal family life. Jade also helps us understand the immense stress that she’s experienced during these chaotic and unpredictable times. Kail praises Jade’s actions and choices when keeping the dysfunction at arms length. Jade shares her positivity about the process of adoption being shared on TV openly and honestly. Jade is asked whether she has a support system in place, and whether she’s considered therapy to help her through these challenging times. The group round up the podcast on a high note, discussing Jades schooling, strength and efforts to succeed despite her shortcomings.