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Oct 18, 2018

This week, in Kail's absence, Lindsie catches up with guest host, Susie Meister; Coffee Convos producer, Religious Studies PhD, Recovering MTV Reality Star, and host of The Brain Candy Podcast! The couple have fun discussing Lindsie's personality, noting that Lindise is not like your average TV personality. Lindsie shares a story about Jackson receiving a Game Medal for his soccer skills. In contrast, Susie's son doesn’t even know about organized sports! They go on to talk about Disney World, and why Lindsie is so optimistic about it being the happiest place on earth! They both wonder, like we all do, whether people are stealing things out of unattended strollers in the park? They talk about bullying incidents at school, and give great insight from a parents perspective. Is it true that your meanest friend is the one that wants what’s best for you? They talk about volunteering at school, field trips, and also what it’s like being a helicopter parent, rounding things off with a fun and relatable Q&A!