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Feb 22, 2018

Kail and Lindsie talk to Leah Messer from Teen Mom 2. Leah gives an update on her girls, she tells a story about Addie telling people that she is pregnant, and spills all the details about Jeremy. Y’all will want to tune in for these juicy details. Leah talks about the litter of rescue puppies she has, which are looking for a home. If anyone is interested in adopting you can send your information to Kail and Leah both talk about how they would be interested in moving away from where they're living now. Leah talks about what the viewers can expect from her segment on Teen Mom 2. Kail shares a horror story where she and Javi almost drive off a cliff! Kail and Leah talk about how they went skinny-dipping with Javi and Jeremy. Jeremy calls in and gets put in the hot seat! Today's episode is brought to you by EasyKicks, for go to to sign up and use code EZLISTEN for $5 off.