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Feb 15, 2018

Our special guest this week is Psychic Medium Kareen. Kareen discusses what it feels like to be a Psychic Medium. Lindsie talks about how she grew up being told that going to a Psychic Medium, reading cards, etc is a form of witchcraft, and to stay away from it. One of the girls from 16 and Pregnant has a chance to ask questions about her daughter. Kail talks about wanting to know about her miscarriage, and Kareen gives her some answers and closure. Kail and Kareen dive into Kail's childhood.  Kareen tells Lindsie about her future and more children. Kareen talks about how she believes in God and tells Lindsie about what heaven looks like. Kail believes in nothing and has never prayed. This is a super interesting conversation that you guys will not want to miss. Today's episode is brought to you by EasyKicks, for go to to sign up and use code EZLISTEN for $5 off.