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Jan 25, 2018

This week Kail's ex-husband Javi stops by! They discuss the news about a meth lab & current Teen Mom 2 breakup news. Lindsie puts Kail and Javi in the hot seat about co-parenting, if they see themselves being better friends in the future, if they think they'll get back together, and if they will finish their book that they were co-writing. Lindsie discusses how leaving the past in the past is the key to success. They talk about what can be expected this season on Teen Mom 2 and whether TV affected their relationship. Today's show is brought to you by HelloFresh, for $30 off your first week deliveries go to and use code COFFEECONVOS30. Try their favorite snack at For 25% off your order at and use code CONVOS. And to try the awesome shoe service for your kids, go to and use code EZLISTEN for $5 off your order!