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Nov 7, 2019

As always, there's going on in Coffee Convos this week. Lindsie starts by sharing how productive her morning was, and why she feels good about herself. Kail cannot relate. Kail reveals that she has had a number of unbearable weeks, which has led to her needing double therapy sessions to recover. It was couples counseling with Javi that was the last straw for Kail. Lindsie also talks about her journey, starting therapy with a family therapist, and why she feels she needs a safe place to receive help. The ladies then discuss mothering topics, from kids toys, to sickness and the struggles of being a parent. Kail gets us caught up on the latest Teen Mom news, and how she feels about the current season. Social trolling, fan mail, and police calls, they cover it all. Along with answering listener questions! All in one episode!